Coast Marina RV Resort

Coast Marina Private RV Resort, 07790 Hwy 126, Florence Oregon 97439   Phone 541-997-3031

Coast Marina RV Resort, a private RV Resort is located at 07790 Highway 126, Florence Oregon. Centrally located along the Oregon Coast, the park is an excellent starting point for the numerous attractions for what many believe is the gem of the Pacific Northwest; Oregon’s Highway 101 Coastline.  

Coast Marina RV Resort is designed for Seasonal Occupancy rather than full time living accommodations. Off season use should be limited to short term stays. Coast Marina RV Resort was established by the RV owners to enrich their experiences of travel by creating a resort setting, complementing their personal needs. A gated community; a clubhouse with laundry, WiFi provided, exercise equipment, and cooking and dining facilities; a 500 foot boat dock; and an on-site manager providing security.

The Resort is managed and funded as a Homeowners Association with supporting documents:

1. Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

2. Bylaws.

3. Rules and Regulations.

4. Invited Guest Rules.

Visit anytime to tour the facility.

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